be well by aimee is where all of this started. my formal education is in mental health, and i later went on to become more interested in physical health as well. i became a fitness trainer in 2009, and be well by aimee was born. my mission was to help people get well. i knew the food part was missing, and that if i wanted to talk to people about their diet, i needed something to stand on. i became a health coach and nutritionist. then after years of wanting to go through yoga teacher training, (running and yoga were really my true passions, forget the gym), but not making the time or finding the money to do it, i finally did in 2017. gradually, this led me to where i am today, to yoga love. this page is dedicated to be well by aimee, to my mission of helping people get to their potential, to self-actualize, to get well. and i believe, that food and movement, are a huge part of the equation. food is energy, it's either high vibration or low. it matters what we put into our body.

this is a place where i will share my view on diet, exercise, and lifestyle. i will post my thoughts, opinions, and also educated and well researched perspectives. how and why you can live a simpler, more fulfilling, authentic life.

the human body is extremely adaptable, but don't get it twisted. putting junk in, will get junk out. junky thoughts, junky energy, junky health. sure, you will survive, but you will never THRIVE. the human body is built to thrive on a whole food plant based diet. period. in the research, there is literally no dispute.

Food.  I believe that humans are innately Herbivores, but can adapt to Omnivore diets. A term many anthropologists use for us modern day humans is "behavioral" omnivore. This culture has evolved to see meat as a large and necessary part of our diet.  However, after years of research and study and certifications, I know that Whole food Plant based diets are the only road to thriving. We can adapt and survive eating other ways, but we will never THRIVE. Our digestion, our teeth, our liver, all our systems- thrive on whole food plant based diets. SO, what does that even mean? The term has become quite mainstream lately, but it is relatively new. Many vegans and vegetarians have adopted this term and way of eating. SO let's define. Vegan= no animal products or anything produced by an animal at all (some even leave honey out bc it is produced by bees).  Vegetarian= no meat, but often dairy and eggs. Some even claim to be vegetarian while eating fish, but the real definition is no animal flesh of any kind. Plant based meaning anything from the ground or tree or plant, obviously! This means that one's diet is based in plants. Whole food meaning it is not processed at all. The food is in it's natural state, or minimally refined.  This does not mean all one should eat is vegetables, it means that things that grow from the ground should be the center of your plate. The very things you have been told not to eat- potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole grains, and legumes- are the things you should be eating- every day. We should eat things as close to their natural state as possible, and things that do not require an ingredient label.

Let me describe why I, and many many anthropologists and physicians, believe we are literally made to thrive on plants.

Teeth and Jaws: Carnivores have jaws that can only move up and down- suitable for tearing off pieces of raw animal and swallowing whole without much chewing. Herbivores, like us, have jaws that can also move side to side in order to grind down plant matter. For those who discuss our canine teeth- they are nowhere near even capable in the least to tear flesh or through skin or hide. Our back teeth are meant specifically for grinding.

Stomach and Intestines: Herbivores lack the acidity of stomach juices to breakdown flesh and to kill the harmful bacteria that raw meat carries. Intestines of carnivores are short- this is so meat can move through quickly before it has time to rot. Herbivores have very long intestines so the body has time to adequately break down the fiber and absorb the nutrients from plant based food. Eating meat with these long intestines invites rot and the bacteria plenty of time to multiply. This rotting meat directly leads to colon cancer and to diverticulitis.

Liver: Carnivores liver does not produce any cholesterol at all because they get it from their diet. Herbivores have livers that produce enough cholesterol for our needs because we are not meant to get any from our diet. ANY cholesterol we get from our diet is EXCESS and obviously leads to high cholesterol.

I have discussed how and why we are not built to eat meat- but I want to quickly address the fact that meat is simply a toxin. There is not one thing you get from meat that heals or nourishes your body. In fact, eating it leads to almost every disease; heart disease, stroke, kidney stones, osteoporosis, all cancers but mostly colon, breast, prostate, and pancreas, obesity, diabetes, low stamina and endurance, fatigue, impotence, low energy, etc..

When we eat the way we are meant to eat- whole foods, and mostly plants, there is NO NEED to count calories or carbs or anything. Weight will get to where it should be naturally- honestly, without dieting and counting anything! Throw away your scale and your calorie counters RIGHT NOW.

Simple is always best. Food at it's most simplest form.

Calories are not all created equally. If we simply count calories, you are leaving out 95% of what nutrition and weight management is! A calorie from spinach is not the same as a calorie from a cookie. Your body breaks down and utilizes those calories in much different ways. Ways that affect every single system in your body. I promise you, these low calorie and fat free foods- they are damaging you every single bite you take. They are sending every single system into havoc! Your endocrine system, your nervous system, your digestion, everything. WITH EVERY BITE YOU TAKE, YOU ARE EITHER POISONING YOURSELF OR HEALING YOURSELF. YOU CHOOSE.

Movement.  There is a theme to my madness, it is NATURAL AND SIMPLE. What is the body meant to do? What are humans made for? Not only do I apply this to what I eat, but how I move. Walking and running- these are the most natural forms of exercise there is. Swim is close behind. Our bodies are literally made to walk and run all day long. Many of us can't because we don't. It's seriously that simple.

I also love to practice yoga. It's literally like my body was meant for the asanas (poses). When I am in a pose, and my body is stretching and elongating and strengthening, I cannot think of any better feeling. Think of how good a morning stretch can feel- it's like that. But again, the more you don't practice it, the more you won't be able to. Start right now. Every single body can do this.

All one needs to run and practice yoga? Your body- and maybe some good running shoes. Simple. simple. simple.

Lifestyle.  Ever heard of the Blue Zones? Check out my 'News' page for an article on them. These are places in the world where people live the longest with the least disease. They are studied to find commonalities in their lifestyle that we can all learn from. Some examples are; sleep, plant based diets, coffee and tea, red wine, lots of time cooking and spent with family and friends, gardening, moving all day long. Nurturing relationships. Spending time getting ourselves healthy so we can be there for our loved ones. Authenticity- this is everything. Getting out in nature every single day. Meditating. Did you know that meditation literally changes your brain? It's a gift.


My thoughts.

Self care is something that we discuss in terms of taking long baths, getting a massage, reading a book. These things are important to do, yes, but I think we are leaving out many aspects of self care when we limit it to this. Taking care of you- your body, heart, and soul. Means getting into nature, it means eating whole real foods grown from the earth for you to heal and nourish your body, it means using this beautiful gift of a body to run and bike and swim hard- like you mean it. it means loving yourself enough to take care of YOU. your body, your heart , and your soul. XO

Even when we don't want to anymore, keep doing it. Keep loving. Keep moving. Keep going. You are capable of far more than you realize. XO

"There are 2 kinds of cardiologists; vegans and those who have not read the research" quote from Kim Williams- former president of the American College of Cardiologists. He became a vegan 15 years ago and treats all patients in this way. Prevention and reversal is promised- complete recoveries when switch to vegan diet.

Stop looking outside of yourself for the cure or the fix- you have all the answers. all the knowledge. it's in you. you just have to get quiet to hear it. Every day is a chance to begin again. To make different choices. and to be well. XO

We can, in fact, always begin again. No matter where no matter how. What a gift- make sure to use it. XO

I heard about a study that claimed diabetics were told they needed to amputate their foot due to their disease, BUT if they changed their diet drastically they could keep their foot and reverse the disease completely. 7 out of 8 chose to amputate. This is shocking and sad. We have control over our health- we have the power to prevent, treat, and reverse disease with how we live. Every time you out something into your mouth, are you contributing to disease or are you nourishing and healing your body?

Had an exhilarating run today. And during that run, feeling that feeling, I thought about all of you. I hope, I pray you all have that feeling every damn day. Running in particular makes one feel (after creating a consistent practice) strong and confident and grateful. The gift of using your body- no tools or gadgets or props or weights- all by itself to get this feeling- to connect with your body in a unique way- to interact with nature and feel more connected to it too- it's just beauty. It was brisk and rainy even half snowy- first one of the season and I loved every minute of it. Get out there and use the gift you were given. XO

It's been a while since I've talked about running training. So many go out and sign up for a marathon or another race, and they go too much too quickly, they get injured, and then blame it on running. Running, like anything else is a practice. If a newbie at yoga decided to go a hot power class first thing- they would say, "I can't do yoga". The thing is, you don't start there. Building strength and endurance takes time. There is no short cut. For anything, really, that is worth getting to. The daily practice of running, and then adding miles before speed, is the path to improvement. Diet is HUGE in recovery and energy etc.. Yoga is amazing in preventing and healing stress and tightness on the body. Running for long term health takes dedication and care for your body. Starting out too fast and not listening to your body, will certainly end your running practice. As it would in a yoga practice too. If you would like more guidance on how to get the most out of your body and running, I am here! Run on. XO

When we disconnect from our body and our heart is when we get into trouble. when we are truly tuned and connected, this is when it all comes together. this is the gift. and what comes with this is care. care for our bodies, our souls, our selves, and ultimately, more care for others, too. we care more for our bodies because we feel more. we feel when we're off, when we eat the wrong thing, or too much, or not enough. we feel when it's working, when we are nourishing our body too. how can we tune in? how can we connect? yoga and running and biking and swimming (meditative movement), meditation, breath work, all of these can help us connect and hear. there's work to be done to get here. but it's so worth the journey. let's thrive, not just survive. let's love our bodies and trust in them, and listen to them. all the crash diets and magic pills will not work long term- what i described above, that is the magic you have been searching for. and it's there. get it. XO

You can't heal until you feel. great quote i heard today. truth. XO

You are enough exactly who you are today. you do not need to be or do anything to be more worthy. the world needs YOU. if you're not being yourself then the world will miss out on whatever your gift is for it. and so will you. XO

Next time you have a headache or a belly ache, reach for essential oils instead of pain relievers. Even OTC pain relievers cause a lot of damage, especially over time. EOs have benefits and are super fast working. This past weekend my daughters friend who was at our house, had a headache. She used peppermint oil on her temples, forehead, earlobes, and the back of her neck. headache gone! And no side effects or unseen effects of pain relievers. I am always thankful to have EOs on hand! I also overate and used peppermint to relieve that discomfort- immediate relief. It's good stuff.

If you close yourself off from darkness, you are also closing yourself off from light. if your energy is closed, it's closed. to be truly connected and live a real authentic present life, you must connect and feel and see both the darkness and the light. this is growth. XO

Begin every day with warm lemon water. Use real lemon- the bottled stuff isn't the same. and organic is preferred, as to not add toxic pesticides etc.. into your body as your goal is to clear toxins. Starting your day with this boosts your immune system, improves digestion, increases metabolism, reduces acidity in the body, purifies the blood, lowers BP, increases liver function, and it flushes out toxins. XO

I was listening to a podcast about western medicine and "alternative" medicine (which is funny we call it that considering the "alternative" has been around thousands of years- shouldn't we be calling western medicine the "alternative"?!). a doc was lamenting how he wants to incorporate more of this alternative in his practice and wants his patients to focus on getting healthier instead of treating symptoms of disease- through diet and exercise etc.. he cited a study where (and this is his experience in his practice too) diabetics were given the option of foot amputation or changing their lifestyle to cure their diabetes- 7 out of 8 wanted the amputate over changing their diet!!! i mean, this is crazy! we are so far away from health- we must get connected and educated and take action. your health is truly in YOUR hands. XO

Did you know the root of the word Health is Whole? seeing health and wellness from all aspects, not just physical. but mental, spiritual, and physical. western medicine misses this point. first it's all in the perspective. western medicine focuses on pathology. what's wrong with you- disease. chinese medicine, for example, focuses on health and wellness- how does one get to optimal health (which includes all aspects of health). funny, psychology is the same- humanistic psychology focuses on potential and reaching self-actualization, while behavioral and many other forms of psychology, focus on the diagnosis, the pathology. which perspective do you think makes for a better and healthier you? for a better and healthier world?

My favorite thing happened today in class. What seems like 2 world collide- I got to teach meditation to my psychology students. We discussed it, and then did a guided meditation. They loved it! The thing is, these 2 worlds are not separate. Everything is connected. We must value our mental health as much as we value our physical health. We need to practice first aid on our emotions as much as do on our bodies. Meditation is an amazing tool to help us find comfort and solace and it teaches us to be present and to be less reactive. Use it. It's always here for you. XO

just got home from my daily run. near the end of my run, i almost always think about how grateful i am to be running. that i made the choice to walk out the door and soak up some sunshine, or some days even some rain, and that my body supports me. that i make healthy choices every day so that i can continue to feel the freedom in my body to run day after day. this is something special for sure. i am not the best at being positive or grateful, so what a blessing that running and yoga bring this out in me- even for a second. namaste XO

Energy in, energy out. this is true for so many things. how we feel shows up in the world. what we put into our body is what we get out. what you eat is more than calories- it is life force, it is energy- good, and bad. nourish and heal your body with good energy foods that are not harmed and killed for you to eat. the way in which animals are treated- this energy stays in their flesh. do no harm, or at least as little harm as you can. if we all lived like this, our world could maybe heal a bit. and so could we. XO

An authentic connected tuned in life is messy. It’s not neat or perfect. And it is soooooo OK. You are OK. Being messy is OK. It’s real. Feel it all. If we don’t truly feel it all, what’s the point?

There is a balance in letting go and pushing on. We have free will we can make change. Now is the time. It’s always now. There’s nothing else.

Food is not just fuel or calories. It is energy, vibration, it becomes who you are...

Get outside EVERY day- no matter what you’re doing, no matter the weather. We are built to be outside- we need it. Just do it. Just go.

Yoga is a powerful vehicle for change. As you build strength, you start to believe in your own potential. XO

Often people think things like running cause injury, but actually things like running, and really using and waking up your body and all it’s parts, just sheds light on where was already weak. If we don’t use it, we don’t know. It doesn’t CAUSE injury, it just illuminates where we need to strengthen. Use it or lose it peeps.

Our mental health and our physical health are not separate. How we live- what we eat, if and how we move, sleep, it all matters. XO