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MONDAYS. 4:30pm flow, 6:00pm beginners with Judy.

TUESDAYS. 9:30am flow, 5:30pm power hour, 7:00pm gentle and YIN.

WEDNESDAYS. 4:30pm flow. ***classes on becoming

THURSDAYS. 9:30am flow, 6:00pm gentle and YIN.

FRIDAYS. 5:30pm power hour.

SATURDAYS. 10:00am flow.

SUNDAYS. 11:00am flow.

We will be expanding our schedule again as Fall comes! and stay tuned for Yoga Love YOGA TEACHER TRAINING coming soon!!!!!

***Classes on becoming…


Becoming a better version of you :)

Becoming more aware, more awake, more conscious about how you’re living and loving, about how you’re walking through your life and your heart. I have a Masters in both psychology and sociology and am college faculty, after years in the field. I bring these things together with yoga and yoga philosophy to create a better way to live. Join me in this journey! Select Wednesday evenings, Saturday afternoons, and Sunday evenings $20….XO





drop in.  $15. with every drop in, $1 goes to Girls With Sole ( $10 DROP INS FOR THE SUMMER!!!

30 minute yoga class drop in.  $10

senior/student yoga drop in.  $12

new student special.  $39 one month unlimited classes.

beginners series. $50

studio membership.  unlimited yoga classes. $79 per month— 6 month contract. $89 per month— 3 month contract. SUMMER SPECIAL! MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FOR ONLY $59 PER MONTH!!!

one month unlimited yoga classes. $99

5 class pass.  $65

10 class pass.  $120

class descriptions.

beginner yoga.  learn the basics. the  poses, the breath, the practice.

yoga flow. vinyasa style. all levels.

warm flow and yin. we spend half the time flowing and the other half in yin, stretching and lengthening.

power. turning up the intensity just a bit. a little more play, and upbeat music to motivate your movement.

slow flow. slower paced vinyasa. all levels. beginners welcome!

fun slow flow. a super fun and playful, all levels, slower paced flow. Greta likes to change it up sometimes and keep it fresh- and she always keeps it fun! beginners welcome!

gentle yoga. slower paced, focus on flexibility and balance, includes some yin yoga (holding stretches longer for deep tissue release).

run. we brave the elements and run a couple of miles (sometimes we sprint a bit with walking) from the studio. Cool down/stretch in the side yard, or head back into the studio for class!

open community meditation. open studio time- just come on in, grab a mat or meditation cushion, close your eyes and just BE. soft candlelight and meditative music. 30 minutes, but come for 5 minutes, or stay the whole 30- your choice. This is FREE for everybody :)

follow the yogi. a 45 minute class. follow the teacher in their practice. come with an open mind and leave with an open heart and body!

the next level. are you ready to take your practice to the next level? based on the 8 limbs of yoga. we discuss the philosophy of yoga and how we can create a more fulfilling and meaningful life using the 8 limbs as the guide they were intended to be- the path to less suffering :) a little breath, a little asana, a little meditation, and a lot of heart and soul.

candlelight YIN. relaxing, feel good, long holding stretches to release deep tissue tension. soft music, soft lighting. awesome way to end the weekend and begin a new week.

power express. a quick 30 minute POWER flow- strong and fast paced flow.

slow and strong flow. alignment based yoga is asking students to slow down and pay attention. to learn to observe their bodies and minds while practicing. teacher demonstrated poses and then staying in the pose to really feel what your body feels when in alignment. this is a class for those who want to work on better and more precise alignment, and will help you to grow in your practice by becoming even more connected with your body, and feeling the full effects of yoga. great for beginners too! and all those wanting more precise alignment cues.

yin. a slow paced practice where we hold stretches/yoga poses for 1-5 minutes, releasing tension and accessing the deeper layers of tissue. yin increases our flexibility, slows our nervous system, and calms our busy mind.

yoga-pilates fusion flow. a beautiful blend of Jackie’s background as a pilates teacher fused with her love of yoga. check this class out, lots of core focus!

beginners series. Yoga Starts Here. this 4 Week Beginner Yoga Series is designed to take away the worries about your first yoga class and make your introduction to yoga an enjoyable experience. you'll learn what yoga is, where it came from, how to start your practice and how it can impact your life.

yoga basics. get to know the poses. we cover the basics, moving intentionally. beginners are so welcome here!

“the TEA and TED hour”. Come join us for some tea and a ted talk. We will watch a short ted talk and then have a juicy discussion over yummy hot tea (or coffee!). I think it’s time we all Get Inspired together! Ted talks are amazingly inspirational and informative! If you don’t know what they are, take a look at… and then join us every Saturday @ 4pm for “The Tea and Ted Hour” This is FREE for everybody! XO


asana = pose

asana = pose