we offer group and private sessions. beginners classes, all levels classes, slow flow, gentle, powerful classes. find what suits you, right where you are.


connect. breath. mindfulness. group and private sessions.


pantry clean out/de-junk your kitchen $75

grocery store swap/tour $75

$125 for two above services together.

meal planning (see health coaching info below for hourly session pricing)

nutrition education and counseling- general knowledge and/or specific to you. group and private.

Health Coaching.

A holistic look at you. Your life. Your health. mental emotional physical. What can we do to get you to wellness? I do private classes, private sessions, group sessions, family meetings. I also give talks and lead workshops on subjects from diet to exercise to meditation to getting well to SIMPLIFYING your life.

coaching sessions

in person. $100 ($350 for 4 sessions)

skype. $60 ($200 for 4 sessions)

phone.  $50 ($175 for 4 sessions)

contact Aimee via phone, FB, or email for scheduling.

Initial Holistic Health Coaching, Fitness, and Nutrition Consultations: FREE


fitness Training.

i specialize in Yoga and Running.

private yoga sessions. $50-$75/hour. $50-$60 one person, $75-$85 2 people, $100 3 people.

practice in the privacy of your own home, or in the studio. work on specific poses or styles of yoga. work on alignment. get stronger and more familiar and confident in your practice and the poses. every session includes a calming and centering meditation/savasana.

group yoga classes. offered at Yoga Love studio, park yoga, or your home or party destination.

host a yoga class at your home, or bring a group of friends/family to the studio. Great for birthday and bachelorette parties!

running training. $50-$75/hour. depending on location.

have never run before? i will get you out the door and running before you know it. think you're not a runner? i can prove your wrong.

training for a race? i will get you a plan and work side by side with you to achieve your goals.

injured? i will configure a plan and get you back on the road.